Charles Bridgeford invests in Canadian farmland, a real asset class that has provided an annualized total return of 12% over the last 10 years.



The Opportunity

Canadian farmland provides real asset exposure - an inflation hedge or store of value in a deflation scenario.

The demands of an increasing global population and the contraction of arable land support a strong macro case to invest in Canadian farmland.

Acute investment opportunities are provided by the current trends in the Canadian agricultural sector, these include intergenerational transition, the consolidation of operators, and the fragmented, cash-constrained nature of the industry.

Source: Statistics Canada

Source: Statistics Canada


At Charles Bridgeford:


Our platform has a unique combination of presence and experience in both the Canadian agricultural sector and professional, institutional investment management.

The team has over a decade of farm operational experience, and is still actively involved in managing large farms in Western Canada. As a result our investors benefit from our ability to evaluate investments and tenants using an experienced operational perspective, without having to rely solely on third party consultants. We gain early insights into various regional production trends and get access to potential investments before they are broadly marketed. Our unique position allows us to significantly reduce risk and drive expected returns. 

Collectively the team has more than two decades of financial services experience, including institutional investment management and back office risk management. This experience ensures that we are able to provide our investors with global best practices in risk management, due diligence and investment approval procedures, as well as transparency and reporting.

Our agricultural and investment experiences are built on a solid formal educational foundation. All of the team members have undergraduate degrees. One team member has a diploma in Agricultural Technology and two members of the team are CFA Charterholders.


Investment Approach


Our Edge

Access to Investment Opportunities

Institutions are underweight real assets. Canadian farmland is a compelling option though until now, it has been difficult to access and access well. Our process for sourcing and evaluating investments provides investors with a simple way to gain exposure to this attractive asset class.

Partnering With Operators

Capital-constrained farm operators have difficulty taking advantage of the opportunities for investments leading to increased productivity and growth through consolidation. Our model of partnering with operators helps them with their business while providing strong returns to our investors.

Unique Team Structure

The Team has a unique combination of experience in institutional investment management and farm operations. This combination of experience enables our investors to benefit from an institutionalized, methodical investment approach, with best-in-class compliance and risk management, combined with the team being accepted as locals and members of tight-knit, farming communities.

The Team

Mr. Jeffrey Hunter

  • Holds primary responsibility for the management and affairs of the Manager and the Fund
  • Has over 10 years of institutional investment management experience, with over 17 years of experience in financial services
  • Is a CFA Charterholder, past president of CFA Victoria, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Victoria
  • Experience as an institutional investor in private funds enables Charles Bridgeford to implement institutional investment best practices

Mr. Ric Luimes

  • Main areas of focus are deal sourcing, due diligence, deal execution, and post-investment monitoring
  • Has over 10 years of farm operations experience and remains a minority partner in a 13,000 acre grain farm in Saskatchewan
  • Has over 5 years of commodity trading experience
  • Holds a Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge, as well as diplomas in Business Administration and Agricultural Technology
  • Provides Charles Bridgeford with the ability to conduct on-the-ground evaluation of assets and tenants from a farm operator’s perspective

Ms. Cara Hogan

  • Leads the risk management and compliance activities, has developed and implemented critical policies and procedures as they pertain to investment strategy, due diligence, deal execution, and post-investment monitoring
  • Has over 8 years of institutional backoffice fund management, compliance, performance measurement, and fund accounting
  • Is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria
  • Experience in risk management and compliance allows Charles Bridgeford to implement institutional best practices in these areas
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Advisors and Service Partners


                 Legal                                     Audit                                  Agronomy                                Banking                      Fund Administration

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